Piano Gate

Our beautiful walnut piano was loosing its tuning more than ever before so we bought a new electric piano which sounds superb. However it didn’t look very good so I decided to remove the keys, hammers, strings and frame from the cabinet of the walnut upright. A little more modification to make sure the new electric key frame would fit under the lid and the controls under the top door. A few days later the upright piano was sounding and still looking amazing.

The cast iron frame was sitting in the garden waiting for its final destiny… Wait a minute. Let me take the tape measure and check the width on its side, then let me just check the width of the mediocre garden gate. Hey! You know what… this frame would make a great gate. Cut up the old gate, weld on a couple of its bars once bent over my knee, add a piece of African iroko timber  which was surplus from another job, cut a heart of love from it and what do you have?

A piano gate