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Benny rocks City of Edinburgh Council for its incompetence

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Rustic elm mirror frame

Take a look at our rustic mirror frame made from beautiful natural elm   The only treatment this timber has had is a small rub of teak oil. This treatment is best if you like to see the natural grain in all its beauty

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Latest on ‘The Hive’

As so many of you have been asking I thought it only fair to announce that unfortunately ‘The Hive’ which held so much promise for music learning in the community has turned into the most expensive high tec storage room in Scotland! Please don’t ask me about the politics but all I can say is […]

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The Kabin Grand Opening

Our grand opening for The Kabin and The Hive will take place on Saturday 28th May from 11am to 8pm at 5 Mayburn Walk Loanhead. Come along and be part of this exciting new project. There will be entertainments including live music and refreshments not to mention a host of  products from local businesses. ‘Create […]

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Sympathetic Strings

I have now added a further 8 sympathetic strings with a broad saddle to my instrument which adds body and sheen to its sound. I do note however, in order for them to vibrate properly they need to be in perfect tune! When they are all perfectly tuned the sustain is endless and feels so […]

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The Kabin ‘Hive’

The new state of the art multi media centre of excellence is due to open around the end of April. The Loanhead Kabin Project is underway and when finished, the part which will be called ‘The Hive’ will boast cutting edge recording studio facility and video suite for all abilities and ages in the local and wider […]

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Creative Records

Having achieved the accolade of SME Small Business of the Year 2009 for my independent record label Creative Records (Uk) I figured you also might like to know we offer recording services to film makers and musicians alike. BAFTA award winning film director Justin Molotnikov at Synchronicity Films was the latest big name to tap […]

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17th Century Restoration

I am currently working on a 6 over 6 solid oak sash window from 17th century Monkton House in Midlothian. The owner is looking to restore rotten and damaged timbers with minimal disruption. If the work on this first window is successful then work may continue with all the windows. As you can probably imagine even […]

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Combuitar Modified

A couple of days ago I visited Mike Bennet-Levy at “Early Technology” Monkton House. He had the superb idea of lining the string guide channels of the mandolin section to allow for much smoother tuning! This has been a major break through for me as the burden of not knowing whether the ambient temperature / […]

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Wood and music

I have worked for years on both of my passions, woodwork and music. Since building my combuitar a natural bridge has formed between the two which has made it much easier for me to wear the craftsman and musician hats simultaneously. The combuitar was a good challenge for me considering it was my first acoustic […]