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Roofing on mobile homes

  Increasingly we have been installing pitched roofs to flat roof properties allowing for the possibility of dryer outer walls to the home. Many older mobile homes still have a flat roof and many people have been discovering all kinds of problems with them not least of all an ingress of water to the inside […]

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Burr Elm Door Facings

As most great ideas this one arrived because of a surplus of materials. Having been left with an obscure double glazed unit I reckoned it could be used to suite this toilet door so I trimmed my burr elm to size at top and bottom then used conventional facings for the vertical framing. The result […]

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Step Decking

This picture displays a stepped patio deck whose shaped corners creates a wholesome finished joinery job. Here the customer from Edinburgh requires a trellis for creeping potted plants. To the far side I have created a storage area with access door for garden tools etc  

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Tree Bench for garden

Whenever I am asked to create something rustic out of wood I always have fun building it! The good thing about bespoke furniture is that you can make it belong to you and no-one else. From the creator’s point of view there will be only one of a kind which makes for a very interesting […]

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Flat roof to pitched roof

   Flat roof on Mobile home This project is presently being worked in Nivensknowe Park  near Loanhead, Midlothian. The owner is looking to modify her flat roof so it becomes pitched. The rafters have all been anchored very close to the original roof to avoid the new finished roof being excessively raised at gutter level. […]

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Bedside furniture

This bedsite chest of drawers was made for a client who specified the design and exact stain tone to match in with existing decor

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Small bathroom

Small bathrooms can be the most challenging when making the best use of space. The shower bath in this Edinburgh house had to fit against the window wall. The multi-panels in pure white make for an airy feel to the space

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Bathroom shower panels

Whether the bathroom is large or small shower panelling will remain as it was when first installed. All that is required after your shower is a quick rinse or wipe. Never looks tired or old

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Kitchen shelving Unit

This is the kind of work I love to do. The beauty of natural wood actually tells you how it should be formed in a more interesting way. A simple shelving unit becomes a feature piece of built in furniture Rustic spice rack shelving

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