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Roofing on mobile homes


Increasingly we have been installing pitched roofs to flat roof properties allowing for the possibility of dryer outer walls to the home. Many older mobile homes still have a flat roof and many people have been discovering all kinds of problems with them not least of all an ingress of water to the inside of the wall below.

By considering a timber ‘A’ frame structure on top of the existing roof this means the resident can continue living in the property while the work proceeds. Depending on the size of the roof the job can be completed in anything between five days and two weeks depending on weather conditions. We use ridge flashings made from copper or galvanised depending on choice. Interestingly copper inhibits the spread of moss growth on the tiles because when it reacts with the rain water which runs from the ridge across all the roof, ┬áit covers the entire roof area before reaching the gutter.

The angle of pitch on any roof can be varied within reason but we tend to use the shallowest angle possible usually around 14 degrees. The main reason being that the loft space will not be used. Most customers choose not to extend an overhang but this is not to say it can’t be done. Again we will look at what suits the property overall.

If the property owner decides to install wall cladding then this completely seals out any weather which could potentially damage the building. uPVC wall cladding is most commonly used but wany edge larch or straight edge Douglas fir may also be used for a more rustic appearance.

Rafters ready for purlins

Rafters ready for purlins


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